Stevens Model 9400, when produced?
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Thread: Stevens Model 9400, when produced?

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    Default Stevens Model 9400, when produced?

    I am looking at a Stevens Model 9400, made by Savage Arms, Westfield, Mass USA. It is a 12 gauge, barrel marked 3 inch, breakopen single shot. Can anyone tell me the years this weapon was produced? I can not find a serial number anywhere on the receiver.

    thanks in advance. David Dunagin

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    Savage used a 'date code' on all their firearms for a time, even those serial numbered (prior to 1968, 22 caliber long guns and shotguns were not required to be serial numbered, but some mfg'rs numbered them anyway).

    Savage stamped a letter usually in a circle on the receiver. Most likely on the bottom of the action but it can be on the sides sometimes. There may also be a number along with the letter code inside the circle.
    Here's a link to the codes. They were used from 1949 to just after the Gun Control Act of '68 went into effect.

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