Pyrodex pellets in Traditions Hawken
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Thread: Pyrodex pellets in Traditions Hawken

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    Default Pyrodex pellets in Traditions Hawken

    I'm new to blackpowder. I want to know if its safe to use Pyrodex pellets in a .54cal Hawken?


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    That would depend on the actual rifle you are refering to. A modern made replica in good condition will handle the BP subs w/ loads that do not exceed the maximum Black powder equivilent as recomended by the maker.
    Some tips other than safety, when using Pyrodex, I have more reliable ignition w/ the loose powder than the pellets. Use Black powder VOLUME equivilent measure. You can fine tune your load better than w/ pellets.
    Proper cleaning is ALL important.
    For the traditional style rifles, I now use only real black powder. However, Pyrodex will do if BP is not readily available in your area.
    Others will chime in on this also.

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    I understand that some folks use Pyrodex because they cant get real black powder where they live. If this is the case for you, go with 777, you'll be much happier. Pyrodex pellets are nothing more than a failed attempt at re-inventing the wheel. They don't ignite nearly as well (and as a result, gun manufacturers have come up with more "reliable" ignition methods, again re-inventing the wheel) and Pyrodex is FAAAAR more corrosive.

    If you use 777, remember to start off with a 10% less load by volume than used with real powder.
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    If you wouldn't go to a restaurant and by a steak substitute, then why on earth would you use a black powder substitute in your gun?

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