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    Default Shotgun Reloading Hodgdon Universal vs. Clays

    Quick question for everyone. I'm a bit confused looking at the Hodgdon basic reloading manual in the shotgun data. I have a pound of "Hodgdon Universal Clays." That is clearly what it says on the bottle. When I reference the manual, there are listings for "Universal" and "Clays." The difference for 1090fps with Rem STS hulls, Win wadding and 209s is something like 16gr vs. 20 gr. Which powder do I have? Do I follow the Universal data or the Clays data?


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    I truly hate what Hodgdon did with this, TRULY!!!!

    Hodgdon has 3 "Clays Technology" powders, and, as you have found, it's confusing as all heck to new people.

    Hodgdon Clays, listed in manuals as "Clays".

    Hodgdon International Clays, listed in manuals as "International"

    Hodgdon Universal Clays, listed in manuals as "Universal".

    I dislike that which, especially where gunpowder is concerned, confuses the users.

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