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    a friend of mine from Brazil posted this on another board. thought i would add it here since I have never heard of one of these for sure.

    Hello my friend lmc8541!
    Congratulations on your new gun!
    I did not know this model but I found very interesting. Here in Brazil, many years ago a similar weapon was developed, which was named "MosqueFal."
    The Mosquefal M968 (MQ M968) is a variant of the earlier 1908 DWM Brazilian Mauser rifle; it is lighter in weight with a shorter barrel, curved bolt, and larger cartridge. The M968 is chambered for the 7.62 x 51 mm NATO cartridge, to allow compatibility with the FN FAL, the Brazilian service rifle. The M968 was developed from the rifle .30 M954 (caliber .30-06 Springfield) now in disuse in the Brazilian Army) which was rechambered and issued with minor external modifications. The MQ M968 has features similar to the M964 7.62 (FN FAL), allowing use of the same ammunition and grenade-firing attachments.
    Interestingly, as your weapon, it also uses the rear peep sight like a CETME or HK91.

    Here, this weapon is much coveted by hunters, as they eventually occur auctions obsolete weapons by the army, and they can be acquired by hunters at a low price and then are customized for use in hunting. Some photos:

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    I had one.Very tough rifle to find and may be the hardest Brazillian 08 conversion to find.As Usual I wish I kept it,I had all the other Brazil mausers except the 94.Those are great pictures.The one I had was Parkerised finish.The only thing you had to watch for was getting your thumb caught between the bolt handle and rear sight.Same thing can happen with FR-7 bolt handle.In the most Recent "Mauser Bolt Rifles" by Olson They have pictures of this.If you can get the Latest edition for your Mauser Ref.Library.
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