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    Hi, I was thinking of purchasing a krinkov kit with correct 8" barrel to hold on to for awhile. I would also buy a receiver FLAT but I would not bend it into a complete receiver yet. Would this be legal? I would look into filing the paperwork and building once I am 21. I know it is a gray area to have a receiver, parts kit, and short barrel but as far as I have been told is that a flat is not considered a receiver until bent, so legally I would not be in possession of a receiver for the kit.

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    Yes, because a receiver FLAT is not a receiver as defined by the ATF until you bend it into a functional piece. Even if you had an 80% receiver, it would still be legal because it's technically not a completed receiver.

    More than that, I could not tell you because I'm not sure about keeping a 100% complete receiver together with a parts kit, and I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of an ATF lawsuit if they decided that it was "intent to assemble".
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    While we are on the subject of legality, when it comes to 922r i've read some contradicting articles. Is there a maximum number of foreign parts allowed on a so called "assault weapon" or is it a minimum of US parts? I would desire as much originality as possible but the barrel has to be U.S made and I would use a U.S fire control group.

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    Legal put together as a SBR will all parts is legal with the stamp. Since it is a registered SBR, no need to use minimum US parts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yanko693 View Post
    While we are on the subject of legality, when it comes to 922r i've read some contradicting articles. Is there a maximum number of foreign parts allowed on a so called "assault weapon" or is it a minimum of US parts?
    it's the maximum number of foreign parts. Assuming you go the welded on muzzle brake 16 inch barrel route, not SBR.

    The parts count is based on no more than 10 imported parts, not really the number of US parts. The parts that count are:

    (1) Frames, receivers, receiver castings, forgings or
    (2) Barrels
    (3) Mounting blocks (trunions - front only, if seperate from receiver)
    (4) Muzzle attachments (brakes or flash suppressors, removable only)
    (5) Bolts
    (6) Bolt carriers
    (7) Gas pistons
    (8) Triggers
    (9) Hammers
    (10) Disconnectors
    (11) Buttstocks
    (12) Pistol grips
    (13) Forearm handguards
    (14) Magazine body
    (15) Followers
    (16) Floorplates

    An gun can contain no more that 10 "imported" parts.

    The floorplate and follower count as one part each. Both handguards count as 1 part, the pistol grip counts as 1, as well as the stock is 1. By replacing the FCG with an American made version this counts as 3 parts replacement.

    A milled-receiver AK has 14 922r "parts" (15 if you have a muzzle-brake not welded on).

    A stamped-receiver AK has 15 922r "parts" (16 if you have a muzzle-brake not welded on).

    So there's quite a number of ways to get around this silly rule. I just bought a pile of US made magazines for my AKs so along with tapco G2 trigger sets I'm legal, and then some since I also got some cheap US made bird cage brakes to swap for the slant brakes I kept puncturing myself with.

    If I were you I'd just bite the bullet and buy an Ak receiver for it, already made. They are cheap and for only one rifle it just isn't worth the trouble of bending a receiver unless your neighbor has a jig.
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    I'm paying my way through college working as a metal fabricator, so I have access to all kinds of tools that will make life a lot easier than doing it at home. I'm going to go ahead and buy a jig because I am also buying at least two other kits. I would love to use some actual Russian mags with the Russian kits so it looks like I need something else to change out. I know for sure I will use US barrel, US gas piston, US FCG, US receiver. That should leave me with just Trunnion, muzzle brake, bolt, carrier, hand-guards, stock, grip, mag body, follower, floor plate. So that's a total of 10. I should be good to go with that configuration assuming I'm talking a Non-SBR?

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    not an sbr till you build, even if you have all parts, in Oklahoma

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