1918 M91 Roma Carcano (Period?) Repair Question - Pics
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Thread: 1918 M91 Roma Carcano (Period?) Repair Question - Pics

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    Default 1918 M91 Roma Carcano (Period?) Repair Question - Pics

    Hello Folks -

    My (now favorite) Brother-In-Law sent this 1918 Dated Roma Carcano to me this week. It definitely needs some tlc, and the bore looks like a sewer pipe. However, after the first flush with some liquid wrench it looks like it may come around.

    However, it is a matching and not post-war refinished rifle. Below is a photo of the cartouche. It is much crisper in person, but you get the idea.

    My question has to do with the repair that is by the lower band. It looks to be period, but the only repair I have seen like it (using the square wooden pegs) was on an Austrian M90 Carbine conversion. The Austrian M90 was a wartime conversion to stutzen configuration. My initial thought is that it may be that the late wartime (1918) stock had a flaw and this was the attempt to fix it? The pegs go through to the inside channel and look to be the same beech? wood.

    So..., wondered if anyone else has seen such a repair on any Carcanos or may have more info on it? I don't believe it's a 'bubba' as the rest of the rife is in untouched shape. But it's interesting at best!

    - Best Regards! Mike
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    Beautiful rifle Mike. You come up with some interesting Italian items! I have not seen a repair like this(wooden pegs) on a Carcano before, but that does not mean much. I have seen period nails and wood plugs with Carcani, but not pegs. In my opinion, they are probably period. Anybody else?
    I'm curious, does the Roma have a matching serialized bolt? I believe some of the Roma's were made with matching bolts...I think.
    Nice cartouche!
    Thanks for sharing, Arditi

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    I have two M91 long rifles that have had the part from the rear band forward replaced. However mine has about a 2" overlap that cannot be seen unless the barreled action is out of the stock. They both were glued and pinned with small dowels about 3/16" in dia.
    One is a 1917 Terni in an Ordnance Roma beech stock that has the word "Riparazione" (repair) stamped between the Roma cartouche and serial number. The other is an 1896 Torino with a walnut stock and the repair is also walnut but this one has no cartouche or "Riparazione" stamp.

    I have seen a few others repaired like the two I have but have not see one with square pegs before.

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