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    Default K Kale Mauser

    Are these even worth anything?

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    Yes, because amongst Turkish Mausers, they are the ONLY ones Wholly built in Turkey ( 1940-46), to a Uniquely Turkish design.

    That alone qualifies them for a prime position in any Turkish collection.
    Besides, they shoot well too!.

    Every other "Turkish Mauser", from the Contract Models in 7,65 and their 7,9mm Refurbs, and the rebuilt Gew98, Kar98a, etc , came from Grmany, whilst the Vz98/22 came from Brno, Czechoslovakia. BTW, the Turkish M88/05/35 is NOT a "Mauser" ( Komission 88 rifle action).

    And as over 250,000 Long "K'Kale" and about 15,000 Short K'Kale rifles were made, and then surplussed at Bottom-arrel prices in the late 80s and 90s, They may be "low priced" now, but they will increase in value; especially since many have been "Bubbatised" or "stripped" for parts or actions...

    If one can, they should have in their Turkish collection, at least One each of the Long and Short rifles; a real spread would be one for each year of Rifle production ( 1940-46), and one each of the short year's production ( 44-46). If one finds a K'kale with a 1939 date, that will be the initial Factory Trials run...extremely rare, and out of series with the later (1940s) Production serials. Presto, a possible 11-piece collection, all different. ( Dates and or models). Furthermore, there are two stock models ( Sling band with spring keepers, Sling band with "K'Kale screw" -- actually a Pin).

    IN answer to the initial question...they are worth whatever a Collector or Shooter is willing to Pay. ( depending on his requirements. and the condition of the rifle)...and a VGC 1939 K'Kale would be worth several times a "run of the Mill" Rifle.

    Doc AV
    AV Ballistics.

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    K. Kale Turkish Mausers were under-appreciated for many years, being viewed as sub-standard compared to other Mauser rifles. This was mainly driven by the fact that they appear less refined in finish, as well as the fact that they are, well, Turkish!

    But I have found my Turkish Mausers to be not only well-made, but excellent shooters. In fact, I can't really recall ever reading about someone here saying their Turk doesn't shoot well if provided good ammuntion.

    To echo Doc's point, I have been the "accidental Turk collector" for some years. Never really intended to collect them, but I bought them when they were really cheap because I knew that they were well worth it. Wish I'd bought (and kept!) another dozen.

    So far, I have:

    Model 1893
    Model 1903
    a "pseudo 1903"
    38/46 short rifle
    a couple early 40's M1938s
    1948 former Gew98 (you can still see the "Gew 98" mark and an Imperieal proof)
    1954 ATF
    a couple Gew 88/05/35's (not Mausers, but reworked by Turkey)
    Nothing worthwhile ever comes easily.

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    Turk mausers are really starting to grow on me. I bought a nice looking k Kale at a gun show for $100 and was shocked to see it had a mirror bore. I took it to the range and it shot great out shooting my k98. Since then I bought another 1940 k kale and a 1954 ATF both with shiny bores for around $130 each
    While my Persian 98/29 or k98s might be more collectible I enjoy shoot the Turks more than any other mausers with the possible exception of the Swedes.

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    I love my Turks!!..My favorite are my 1903's but I love them all..I still need a forestry carbine..saw a matching one on GB last year but was to broke..wahhhh..youd think I was used to it after a lifetime of it but no, brokeness still make John sad

    Dont forget that on ocassion an unrefurbed Turk is found..Now those brother are some real money..advanced collectors dont think there cheap junk rifles..the bayonets for the 1903 and 1893 for example go for well north of $150 alone if in even decent condition

    My first Turk ever was $150 when $100 was the going rate on the secondary for a nice one and 3 fers and $75 was availabe from the destribs...A couple poor auction pics and a desrip of "Nice Turk"..All matching Mint K.Kale..luck luck luck

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