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    Hi, new to the forum and trying to find some info on a bring back I just purchased from a lady in church. She claims her husband brought it back from the war. I don't doubt her, but I know I cover my tracks every time I hide something I bought from my wife. From the limited research I have done all the markings are standard. ceska zbrojovka a.s.v praze 39xxx lion crest on top. The right side on the frame has J(crest)26 and on the front 39xxx. The left side has C(up arrow)z 39xxx on the frame and (up arrow)26 on slide. The grip markings are PUV 867. It also came with a brown leather holster and markings A PUV 2 along with 1937 stamped inside. I was wondering what the unit markings are. Any thoughts would be great thanks. I paid $250 for it. I also was wondering its true value.
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    Hello Your piece was made and accepted in 1926, should be have probably a magazin safety of the first version,that means it should be not cocked hammer without the magazine in the grip, the unit marking is of Tank (Panzer)Regiment in czech language called Pluk Utocne Vozby, by exact translate its probably Regiment of Assault Chariots. The holster is marked by similar Rgt nr.2 probably for Automotive Company. best regards,Andy
    When my information is correct, the pistol unit was probably located in Mlada Boleslav, which is a location of Skoda personal car production.

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    Welcome to the forum Mark.

    Can you post pics for a better value determination?
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