Steel or brass buttplate for 870 Remington
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Thread: Steel or brass buttplate for 870 Remington

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    Default Steel or brass buttplate for 870 Remington

    Hello All,
    I was hoping one of you folks would where I could find/purchase a steel buttplate for my 870.
    The stock was too long with the rubber pad, I removed it and now all I have is naked wood.
    I have also misplaced the pad as well, read that as lost along with the mounting screws.
    Any help is appreciated.

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    Option One is to have the stock cut off and a new pad installed.
    This would likely be the best, since you can buy one of the new super-recoil pads that Remington is using now.
    Any gunsmith can easily cut down the stock however much you need and install a new pad.

    Option two is a possibility. Remington used to use checkered aluminum butt plates on the 742 rifles. Possibly one of these would fit, but no guarantees.
    Part number 16:

    Option three is to buy a 1/4 inch thick brass plate and make a plate. You'd cut the rough plate out with a hacksaw, drill and counter sink the holes, then file to the final fit.

    Option 4 is to buy a "youth" stock with pad. These are shorter, and are often used by combat shooters since the factory stock is too long for this type of shooting.

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    Default Simplicity works!

    Alternative to the above suggested butt cutting and pad replacement which seems the best solution, why not just install a thin aftermarket pad or universal type of butt plate? Such should easily fit your flat stock surface (as is probably configured for the prior pad) and should also be of a type to facilitate trimming to desired circumference dimension with relative ease. I assume someone like Brownells ( should offer such. Many model-specific metal butt plates feature such as borders and/or sightly complex curvatures.
    There is a great fundamental truth in the axiom: The simplest solution is usually best.
    My take!

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    find a factory plastic buttplate from a 870 off Fleabay
    if it aint broke, fix it till it finally is.

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