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    Default How short can you cut an ak pistol barrel.

    I've got a few left ovr kits and a recievr registered as a pistol.
    I am thinking of build a "stupidly short" ak pistol from a romanian g series kit.

    My understanding is that about 10 inches is th shortes you can go without having reliability problems.
    Does anyone know if this is true?
    AI would actually like ot build one on a 6 to 7 inch barrel. I know ballistically it is a dumb idea but I think it would be a cool noise maker on the range.

    Is there a way to make it function better with a shorter barrel. Can we enlarge the gas port or install some kind of booster on the end of the barrel.

    I'm holding tight untill I think this over a little longer.

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    The shorter the barrel the more violent operation will be.
    I'd think that under 10 inches and you'd get into damaging the gun and ripping case rims or heads off.

    The reason the AKSU has the expansion chamber and trumpet shaped flash hider is to prevent too violent operation.
    You'll probably need something similar, but even so, under 10 inches and things will get rough on the rifle.
    This will be especially true with a 7.65 rifle.

    The AK was designed as a rifle. Converting to any kind of pistol is pushing it. Going shorter will likely ruin the gun.

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    It's hard to think of a worse action for a pistol. The receiver is just too long and it'll be too nose heavy for effective use. I'd suggest an SBR with folder instead.
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