WTS French MAS L806 Scope Mount $180 shipped
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Thread: WTS French MAS L806 Scope Mount $180 shipped

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    Default WTS French MAS L806 Scope Mount $180 shipped

    WTS French MAS L806 Scope Mount $180 shipped


    "How to place a scope on Your MAS 49 or 49/56 .. WITHOUT .. spending $600 & Up"

    I have one Original French L806 Scope Mount....... Priced at $180 shipped

    This mount will allow the MAS 49 and 49/56 Owners a Base in which you can add your own scope .... See Photo Below.
    Small Hose Clamps painted black will secure your scope to this mount ..see pic below.
    PLUS....you can still Use and SEE Your Iron Sights !
    minor adjustments may be required to mount currently available Compact scopes.

    mount comes WITHOUT Bands nor Rings ..... what you see in the photos below is what you are buying......a Mount

    Mount isused in Excellent Condition

    I will include two stainless Steel shims that will allow a Tight "Lock-up" of your Mount...."If" even needed.

    These stainless steel shims are the correct length and width....of the Rifle's Scope Rail.
    they are easily removable....with NO modification to your rifle....
    simply place the shim on the scope mount rail ...on the receiver....hold in place while you slide on your L806 scope....throw the lever and the scope is tight....takes 5 seconds...if you are slow.... simple...simple!!!

    The shim slightly raises the scope mount off of the receiver...allowing the scope mount to really tighten correctly.....
    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    Guys.....this mount is 1/3 the cost of a complete L806 Scope set [ $600 & Up ].... "IF" you can even find one !!
    PLUS this way you get to add whatever Scope YOU want to use.
    There are Hundreds of small Compact scopes on the market to choose from
    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    Payment by US Postal Money Order or Cash
    Required Within 5 Days
    Discreet Gifted Paypal - Non Gifted add 4%
    Required within 24 Hours

    email me diredtly at >>>> [email protected]

    at this moment I have only one mount available...... perhaps two more next week

    Thanks For Looking


    A Friend of Mine used small Hose Clamps painted black to mount his scope
    Not bad looking .... anyway you get the idea on how to mount a scope on these mounts

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