.45-70 - 405 or 500 gr. bullet?
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Thread: .45-70 - 405 or 500 gr. bullet?

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    Default .45-70 - 405 or 500 gr. bullet?

    From what I've read the original .45-70 load adopted in 1873 was loaded with a 405 gr. lead bullet and 70 gr. of blackpowder. To reduce recoil the carbine load used 55 gr. of powder. According to Wikipedia (I know, not the most reliable reference) in 1879 the Army approved a load with a 500 gr. bullet which had longer range and superior accuracy. Which of these was the issue cartridge for the service life of the "Trapdoor" Springfield?
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    500 grain for the Rifle (45-70-500), and 405 grain for the Carbine (45-55-405).

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    According to 'Trapdoor Springfield' the only difference between the original rifle and carbine cartridges was the powder load, 70 grains vs 55 grains respectively.

    In 1873 the change to a .45-70 service cartridge was approved. It was a 405 grain lead bullet over 70 grains of black powder (rifle).

    In 1882 the 500 grain bullet over 70 grains of black powder became standard issue (rifle). This was also the time the cartridge was changed from inside to outside primed.
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