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    Well the time has unfortunately come again that we must ask our members and supporters, readers and patrons to help support the website in these difficult economic times. The tough economy and restricted budgets has forced many of our home page sponsors to drop their sponsorship and even some larger entities that have been with us for years and have changed owners, have tightened budgets and decided to suspend their sponsorship benefits that affords them. While they may be back in the future its our responsibility to be prepared and ready to meet the challenges that face us in the years ahead. Our last fund raising effort was two years ago in 2010. We find today that in order to be prepared, that we must ask for the memberships support once again to assure we stay ahead of the curve in the event that we should require it. The fiscal trends over the past 12-18 months has not been a good one and we need to be strong and ready for the next 24 months to come -what ever it may bring. Gunboards has grown- 4 fold over the past 4 years. Our membership has more than doubled and our usage and costs has escalated at the same pace. Gunboards and all its forums now receives over 2.47 million page views per month. adding in Jan C Still Luger forums and we exceed 3 million page views per month now. With that usage our data transmissions have also have risen.Thus- you got it- higher operating costs.
    4 years ago we faced a serious cross roads when we had a catastrophic system failure. Rebuild and be capable of expanding our abilities as we need to seamlessly or quit. We asked for your help and planned for that eventuality to expand and it has served us well. We have doubled our equipment in the past 2 years and our ability to maintain the quality of service you demand at the same time. We've expanded the features we offer to members such as mobile apps, video embedding and the most current software upgrades that are available to us on a near monthly schedule. All without a hitch which is a testament to the IT team we have in place. We looked forward in a 5 year plan and made the right calls back then to be able to handle the expanded features and usage we anticipated. Now we are at the end of that 5 year plan and have to look forward again. We at Gunboards- Tuco and I , ask that each member if it is possible, try to help support your website that has become your home for shooting and collecting -be it Mauser's and AK's or Enfield's, Arasaka's or Mosin's. Wont you be a patron of Gunboards and support your community that you've helped build and expand? A simple 1.00 a week donation will go a long way to making us strong for the year to come should we need it. Thats less than the cost of a cup of coffee or the daily paper. So please consider becoming a patron and receiving the recognition that comes with it on your membership status. We are here for you everyday- and we need you now. W

    We are Gunboards....for collectors-by collectors.

    Please find the information for contributions to help the site out below-we ask that a minimum contribution of 40.00 be made but it is not necessary if its too much. We will accept any amount in regard to a contribution to upgrade and correct the site so if you can donate 10.00 then great, if you want to donate more than that -we thank you very much for your support!

    For mail payments of cash and or checks please use the below mailing address:

    Checks should be made out to the "Mosin Nagant Co." or "Cash"


    Mosin Nagant Co.
    Vic Thomas
    37799 Professional Ctr. Dr. #101
    Livonia, Michigan
    48154 USA

    We no longer can accept Paypal donations due to the unfriendly stance they have taken towards the shooting community.


    Your support is deeply appreciated and assures the continued operation of through 2012.
    Without your help we will not be able to continue as a free site.

    Contributors who donate 10.00 to 25.00 for the first time will be listed a copper bullet members as a special title

    Contributors who donate 26.00 to 50.00 for the first time will be listed a silver bullet members as a special title

    Contributors who donate 51.00 to 100.00 for the first time will be listed a gold bullet members as a special title

    Contributors who donate 101.00 to 200.00 for the first time will be listed a platinum bullet members as a special title

    Contributors who donate over 200.00 for the first time will be listed a diamond members as a special title

    Contributers who donate over 221.00 or above will attain the highest ranking of diamonds with oak clusters members as a special recognition of their premium patron status.

    Contributors efforts are cumulative so if you make a donation please let us know your user name and previous level if you had one- so we can properly recognize your continued vital support of your Gunboards.

    We thank you for your support!
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    • Members-Patron status report on contributions

    We have gotten some patron status contributions this past 10 days and will begin to process these over the next 10 days or so. So please be patient as the status is changed all individually by hand and is time consuming. I can't reply to all individually right away so you will begin to see your status change soon.
    If you have contributed we thank you very much. If you have not done so please consider supporting your Gunboards and collecting community here if you can. Typically we have recieved approximately a 1-2% reply/contribution rate and are hoping in this fund drive to reach a higher goal. That will ensure we are able to continue to provide you the shooter and collector a well managed and top notch community to meet your needs and remain a free resource for you. We count on our membership and sponsors to keep us a free site that can expand our capabilities when needed. It's vital that we all consider to support our sponsors as a first choice if possible for your needs and in addition to becopatrons individual patron of Gunboards and the community we have built here since 1997.
    Thank you- we appreciate your continued support if you have done so again or prior and if your contributing for the first time.
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