Steyr 1908 with Rom Crown Md.1983
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Thread: Steyr 1908 with Rom Crown Md.1983

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    Default Steyr 1908 with Rom Crown Md.1983

    Hi All I have My Great Grandfathers Gamekeepers rifle and need help establishing its history and calibre due to the many varied around this era. The rifle has STEYR 1908 stamped on the side and infront of the breech a romanian crown with MD.1983 under the crown. Along the barrel it has shot and sighted by Wj Jeffrey of WJ Jeffreys 14 King st London. it has various other small stamps such as 6.5 m/m but nothing which lets me know if it has been rebored by WJ Jeffrey when turned in to a sporting rifle. Would really appreciate any tips as I would like to crete a dairy for future children as it is passed down the family.

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    Hi Shooshy,
    Welcome to the Forum! If you check the date on the receiver closely, I think you may find that it is Model (MD.) "1893" instead of "1983". As to whether it has been rebored, we can only urge you to take the rifle to a competant gunsmith and have him make that determination. Can you post pictures of the rifle and its markings? I presume that you are in the UK?

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    caliber must be 6,5x53R Mannlicher

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shooshy View Post
    I would like to crete a dairy for future children as it is passed down the family.
    Don't you need a cow or a sheep for the dairy?

    Seriously, the rifle is Romanian, but the caliber could be 8x50 Austrian, they converted some of the captured and sequestered Md.1893 to that cartridge. Here is a photo of the original & converted Md.1893:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Md 1893_0003.jpg  
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