question on RPK rear sight windage adjustment...
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Thread: question on RPK rear sight windage adjustment...

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    Talking question on RPK rear sight windage adjustment...

    hi all!

    recently purchased an m10 7.62 by F A Cugir of Romania. great rifle, but ive never used rpk style rear sights before.

    does anyone know depending on if you adjust it clockwise or counter clockwise which way left or right it moves the sight? i can find no markings on the sight to indicate as such, nor info on this topic googling it.

    any info would be much appreciated, thanks!

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    Moving a rear sight to the right moves the POI to the right, moving it left moves POI left. You move the rear sight in the direction you need your grouping to move (front sights move opposite). The rear sight also moves in the same direct for height, if you need your group to move up you adjust the rear sight so it's higher in it's base (or lower if the group needs to move down).

    The rule is the rear always moves in the direction you need your group to move, the front sight always moves in the opposite direct you want the group to move.
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    This is from memory because I only got to play with one on one occasion:

    Facing the side of the rifle, if you turn the sight windage drum clockwise, the rear sight slide moves to the right.
    Turning the drum counterclockwise moves it to the left.

    In other words, the screw thread is a standard right-hand thread.

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    If you turn the knob CLOCKwise, it moves point of impact RIGHT.

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    OK thank you, I played around with it and saw that was the case, I appreciate the follow up!

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