WTS - British contract Ballester Molina, Finn 91/30 stock, Finn cleaning rod
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Thread: WTS - British contract Ballester Molina, Finn 91/30 stock, Finn cleaning rod

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    Default WTS - British contract Ballester Molina, Finn 91/30 stock, Finn cleaning rod

    WTS the following items. Prices include shipping in the Lower 48. Shipping to AK and HI will be quoted upon request. Please email me with any questions. Thanks for looking!

    [email protected]

    1. MOVED TO GUNBROKER....Scarce British contract Ballester Molina. All matching serial numbers where they are supposed to be for these guns. Correct SN and contract number range. Excellent bore and mechanics and a good shooter. Has a very high percentage of original, high polish blue, but has scattered freckling, finish loss, and some scattered fine scratches. I'd still put the remaining finish at least at 95% of what it was originally. The hammer is a bit stubbier than one usually sees, but it is tough to tell if it came that way or someone shortened the spur a hair, based on inspection. Has a correct, original HA marked magazine. London proofed on the frame, slide, and chamber, which was done when these were surplussed. Nice example of a tough WWII pistol variant to find. $975 shipped from my FFL dealer to yours. Happy to ship to a C&R directly, but it may cost a bit more since it will have to be shipped overnight in that case.

    2. SOLD PF....Finnish 91/30 stock set. Came off a sportered 1944 Tikka 91/30 (I didn't do it, by the way. I just got what was left over after the gun was ruined). Very nice overall and is the dry, unissued-looking finish that one often encounters with these. Has some compressions and scrapes that appear to have happened during importation, along with a few minor white scrapes that look like they came off a wall (and would remove easily), but is still very nice looking. Would look good as is or with a judicious application of finish. The front band is a button band, if that matters to anyone. $115 shipped in the Lower 48.

    3. SOLD PF....Finnish Model 27, 28, or 28/30 cleaning rod. Very good condition. $45 shipped in the Lower 48. Will be sent Priority Mail, so that price is good for AK and HI, as well.
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    I'll take the Finn 91/30 stock set.


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    Steve, if you can do paypal, I'll take the rod.
    Nothing worthwhile ever comes easily.

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