WTS 1903/14 Breda 1927 Mannlicher Schouenaur Military Long Rifle in 6.5mm X 54mm MS

Apparently only 100,000 made, # remaining is anyones guess.

A nice blue/grey patina over 90%, some pitting on floorplate and trigger guard.
#ms are all matching on parts I can see (have not taken out of stock). Bore is about 85% with shiny tops of lands and dull bottom of grooves, some frosting/roughness in throat but not pitted affecting land/groove profile that I can see or feel with a cleaning rod. Front/mid bands are correct for this model.
Stock is sanded/refinished and I do not know if this is arsenal refurb or Son of Bubba, finish appears old, wood has dark black staining in areas. Minor ¾” crack emitting from rear tang area. Has K98 Sling that appears period correct (WWII) but don’t know if ever original/issued/used. Upper handguard is cracked and repaired and only one of two barrel spring clamps is present. I have a source for replacement handgards if interested.

I have shot this rifle with PRVI Carcano ammo (1.5mm shorter neck) .264 Diameter bullets and lousy sights for a 4” group at 100 yards, not good but I read that bores run big .266/.268 (this one measures .267/,268) so a bigger bullet jacketed or cast should do better. Trigger is about 6.5 lbs and also did not help. Magazine functions fine with this ammo and recoil is very low.

I am asking $600 and $25 shipping, I am open to reasonable offers.

email me if you need additional photos