WTB: S&W or Astra 44 INOX rear sight assy
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Thread: WTB: S&W or Astra 44 INOX rear sight assy

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    Default WTB: S&W or Astra 44 INOX rear sight assy

    I have a revolver from a friend at work, that belonged to his dad. It's an Astra 44 INOX, in .44 magnum. His dad had the revolver scoped and that involved removing the rear sight. His dad passed away so this revolver is important to my friend as an heirloom and wants it back into a shooter without the scope. Problem is he, and his mother, can't find the old rear sight.

    After extensive searching for another rear sight for the Astra 44 INOX (without any luck), I think an adjustable rear sight from a Smith & Wesson will work.
    The strap of the rear sight, that lays along the frame of the revolver, should measure around .280" - .285" wide.

    So, if you have one laying around, please contact me. Or one from an Astra 44 INOX .44 mag revolver!
    It's like the one shown in the photo attachment.

    The best way for you to reach me is by email at [email protected].

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