Romanian Cugir 22cal Rifle
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    any one have photo in original configuration? Found a 1956 rifle in local pawn shop. The stock looks like it may be correct except for the very end of the forearm? Just wish to see what stock should look like before entertaining notion of buying. Thanks.

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    Default Romanian Cugir

    There are several Romanian Cugir photos over on
    Scroll down to the Romanian section.

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    Thanks for the link. Found several rifles and they have same style stock on them. Has the groove on the tip of forearm, just didnt look right for a military/trainer rifle. Guess I was wrong.

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    These rifles generally shoot very well and are a good buy if the price is right. How much are they asking for them? I have refinished several of these and they do up real nice!
    Parts are some what scarce though.

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