maxihunter loads for the 50cal
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Thread: maxihunter loads for the 50cal

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    Default maxihunter loads for the 50cal

    Trying new bullets for my t/c firestorm , and I have some t/c maxi hunter lead bullets in 275 gr , anyone have experience with this bullet and what kind of charges should I be using with 2F? With round ball or 240gr saboted loads I normally ran 85 grains but which these I am not sure of the charges to stay within

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    Default Powder charge?

    It has been my experience with the 50 cal. maxi hunter and the maxi ball that a FFg charge of 90Gr Real Black Powder is just the thing that bullet needs to really knock a deer size game flat on his butt. Accurate too. The round ball will do well patched and lubed with a 65Gr charge of FFg real black powder. No need for any heavier charge with the RB load. They tend to start opening up the group beyond the 65gr load.
    I don`t use sabots so I can`t tell you anything about them and whats best.
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    thanks I stopped using the sabots due to cold weather problems and was getting tired of the rd ball , I bought the 275 grainers and was wondering about the heavier ones they make also 320, etc , what i want is an exit would on a typical broadside shot of a whitetail

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