Why do BSA Majestic Feather Weights have no value in this country?
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Thread: Why do BSA Majestic Feather Weights have no value in this country?

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    Default Why do BSA Majestic Feather Weights have no value in this country?

    I have read glowing reviews of the BSA Majestic from British gun owners, unfortunately as few as the are these days. I own a 1959 BSA Feather Weight Deluxe .270, my favorite( along with a 1900 issue Marlin 94 that had been unfired until I bought it and an unissued 1922 96/Mauser (swede). I happen to run across a 1959 ad in American Rifleman and this model started at MSRP $144.74, pretty much exactly what a new Winchester model 70 feather weight cast at the time. I love my Winchester but anyone who handled either one of these at the time would have walked away with the BSA.
    The Riflemans Rifle? The pistol grip looks almost military, it drops down and runs back to the rear stock like a mossberg of the time with checkering to match. The would to metal fit isn't even comparable. Weight, BSA 6.25lbs. Win. 6.55lbs. What really chaps me on several gun boards I have seen the Imperial, Majestic and Monarch reffered to as " cheap Eruo imports". Anyone with a knowledge of machining take a look at a 59 model 70 and a 59 BSA. I can count at least 40 operations that are obvious on just the receiver so there are at least another ten ( love the dual feed ramps) and about 30-35 on the model 70. Unless all the moneys in the controld feed ( I prefer the push feed dual ramp much smoother) SO now after my blabbering go to your Blue Book....BSA Majestic deluxe feather weight .270 99.5 % $450, Winchester Model 70 Feather weight 99.5% 1200.00.
    First let me say I absoulutly love both guns and love the fact I got my Majestic for $250.00 and don't have a single bad word about the model 70, but when they talk about it beautiful lines ( which it was) it still looks and feels like a 2X2 compared to the Majestic. Phil

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    i agree....double feed ramps, 6o some machined steps? 67 maybe? i read once...a very smooth action....
    i have owned many.... been looking at one last show ...i'm still plotting...but its in 270 not my cal. its in the best shape of any i have seen in 30 years...majestic with bersa slots....Imperial is one that got away....but if i ever see one......well

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    They certainly shoot well. Here's my Viscount with the long blade, Mauser type, extractor.

    Not too shabby for a 60 yr old rifle.


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