Norinco SKS serial number oddity
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Thread: Norinco SKS serial number oddity

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    I got a Chinese SKS that I bought new in the cosmo back in the early 90's. The rec. is marked XX11486 , the stock is marked 11486,the gas tube is electro-pened 11486 ;every thing else is marked 11386. Isn't it odd the bolt ,carrier, mag, and trigger group are all off by "100" ? This gun was brand new unfired in the box. So is this a factory screw up or common with these rifles ? -Thanks

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    It happens more then most realize, considering the number of parts so numbered I'd say it's very likely a mistake.
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    I traded a German 98k to a member here was a matching rifle in my mind and apparently his whole rife was marked with last numbers 96 . Bolt was marked 69 .it happens
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