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    my PU is nicely free floated from rear of sight to about the sling slot and then the dollar bill, though it still slides becomes tight. I want to try to wrap the barrel with oiled cloth, and did in fact place a five cm very think cotten wrap under the front band area as shown in pics i have seen. But that creates a considerable amount of upward force on the barrel to the exent where there is a rather pronounced gap between the stock tand the handguard. How much pressure needs to be exerted upward? As for the wrap itself, I checked the cork gasket and the thinnest is clearly to thick. Has anyone attempted electrical tape? Other suggestions welcome.

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    I used a thin cork material that I found at some craft store a while back. It was thin enough not to widen the stock/handguard gap.


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    I use high temp non-porous automotive gasket material, when I can remember to take it to the range. I often use ammo box cardboard, from Extra match or my bxn 86 light ball blue boxed ammo. Sometimes a top half wrap is best, sometime bottom, most times entire 360 degress is best. Try each and see what happens.

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