We all know that ACOGs made by Trijicons are nice , but some of them cost upwards of $1500 and well.........Anyway this is a Trijicon ACOG NSN- TA01 with optional tritium back up iron sight on top. This scope has been sitting on top of my AR for 4 years now and has been dinged around but other than cosmetic functions as well as the first day it was bought. This ACOG's tritium both internal and external BUIS are both bright and strong and you would'nt have to worry about them for at least another 8 years or so. $680 or trade

Trade for older M2 or M3 AIMPOINT ($300 value) or PRO Aimpoint ($400), no Eotech please

also, need long range tactical scopes with mildot, something as cheap as SWFA Super sniper will work all the way up to Leupold Mark4 but again, im fair on my price so you should be too

$680 or trade, thanks!

pictures can be viewed here