Looking for parts H.Koon 'Snake Charmer"
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Thread: Looking for parts H.Koon 'Snake Charmer"

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    Default Looking for parts H.Koon 'Snake Charmer"

    A friend found most of a .410 shotgun made by H. Koon, Inc. of Dallas Texas, now out of business.

    Evidently the model is called the 'Snake Charmer"

    It was left behind in a safe when he bought the house he is living in.

    From how he describes it, it is a single shot, break open design and in decent condition except it is lacking ALL parts of the firing mechanism.

    He asked me if I could come up with a place to find the parts necessay to get this bad boy up and running again.

    Anybody have any leads?

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    The replacement parts are scarce and may cost more than the completed gun is worth. On the other hand, he could sell the parts he has and if he likes the idea of a single shot 410, have him take a look at the H&R Topper, or their (improved) version of the snake charmer, the tamer. http://www.hr1871.com/Firearms/Shotguns/tamer.asp
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