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Thread: WTS: 1945 Enfield No. 5 Jungle Carbine w/ Wilkinson Bayonet

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    Default WTS: 1945 Enfield No. 5 Jungle Carbine w/ Wilkinson Bayonet


    For sale is my recently-acquired jungle carbine as discussed in this thread:

    As you can see, it's a gorgeous rifle with matching numbers on the receiver, bolt, magazine, barrel, and stock. It's a great shooter with a nice smooth action and good accuracy. Really nothing bad to say about it at all and one of the nicest No. 5s I've ever seen. Not import marked as such; has the usual British marks showing it was released for export. The only weird thing is the 5-digit serial number but as you can see from the linked thread, it's more a curiosity than a problem. The rifle will come with an original WSC-marked Wilkinson bayonet & scabbard but no sling. The bayo is in good condition with some minor staining; I can take a picture if needed. The price shipped for the rifle and bayonet is $650. I also have 150 rounds of non-corrosive commercial ammo for an additional $100 shipped if the buyer wants it ($750 shipped for everything). I won't sell the ammo separately and don't want to break up the rifle and bayonet yet. A three day inspection period is fine.

    Please do not PM me without posting something here as I don't get notifications of new PMs. The email function seems to work okay but a posted reply is better. First unqualified "I'll take it" by post or email gets it. Thanks for looking!

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