* SOLD * : Vintage Mossberg 151k with Mossberg M4D scope 22 lr
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Thread: * SOLD * : Vintage Mossberg 151k with Mossberg M4D scope 22 lr

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    wink2 * SOLD * : Vintage Mossberg 151k with Mossberg M4D scope 22 lr

    ** SOLD **

    Not sure if there might be any interest here but I thought I give it a go
    before going to Gun Show and/or Auction
    I recently aquired this rifle with 2 other rifles from a local Estate Gun Sale

    This is beautiful Vintage Mossberg 151K semi-auto 22 LR which comes with
    the Original Mossberg M4D scope complete with scope Eye cup

    This model rifle was only made for 2 years, 1950-1951 and hard scare to find
    quite often especially in this condition. I have taken the rifle completely down
    and given it a complete cleaning. Rifle internals are like new, and the bore is
    VG plus or better. From researching, this is the first model semi-auto 22 LR
    that Mossberg produced as it began to enter into producing semi-auto's.

    The finish is 98-99%, the rifle doesn't appear to have been fired much at all.
    the Scope optics are good, with intact cross hairs, I have notice a couple of dust
    spots on the lens, but does not interfere with the optics at least for me it doesn't.
    It could use a cleaning. The Rubber eye cup is also with the scope which all too often
    these are missing from the scope and are most impossible to find that are original
    mossberg. I am not sure but best it be mentioned that there might be small slight grain
    crack near the forend on left side. I've inspected it and its solid and cant really tell if its
    a crack or not. Just plain solid there in that area.

    I have test fired the rifle and it performs and functions properly with out
    any problems and is a sweet shooter.

    Rifle also comes with the Mossberg Factory hang tag with rifle instruction sheet,
    Scope sheet and even a old advertisement sheet. These tags are usually not found
    with the rifle. Note: Sling in picture will be included

    Must ship to FFL-01 or FFL-03 (C&R) holder

    You can see full set of pictures here
    : http://imgur.com/a/unyd9

    Trade Interests:
    C&R pistols
    1320 rds - 7.62x54r
    500 rds - 7.5x55 Swiss
    or ?? make a offer, cant hurt, least I would do would be politely pass

    Price: $315 Shipped ** SOLD **
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