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    I'm currently interested in trading this VZ.24. It has most of the characteristics of being a Japanese Navy used example (it doesn't have a Japanese marked sling or Japanese modifications to the rifle itself), and this is very most likely what it is IMO. The bolt and stock are matching, and it still has the spanner screw holding the rear barrel band in place. It appears to have only one part that isn't original to it, the safety lever (a Chinese part maybe?). It's missing a front sight protector and cleaning rod. It appears to me to still have it's original finish all around. The bore is slightly pitted, but it is still very shiny and with little wear. The muzzle and throat are also in great condition, so it shoots well. There is no import mark.

    I have a wide variety of interests for possible trades, mainly military arms from about the adoption of smokeless powder to the end of WW2. I am currently building an overview Japanese arms collection from this period, among other sub-focuses such as my more advanced Finnish collection. I am also extremely interested in acquiring Arisaka rifles used by WW1 European powers and by other European countries after WW1, such as Finland. Any trade deals could of course be 'evened up' with + or - money being part of the deal.

    If you have any questions or offers (even if it doesn't fall into a category I mentioned), please don't hesitate to ask me.

    more pictures: http://s1121.photobucket.com/user/sh...?sort=3&page=1
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    I'm still looking for a possible trade for this rifle. There is a fairly wide range of military firearms and related accessories that I'm interested in.

    I've uploaded all of the pictures of it to this post and the previous one so you won't have to go to another site to view them. I believe the pictures give a very good representation of the rifle.
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