1917 Enfield floorplate question....HELP!!!!
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Thread: 1917 Enfield floorplate question....HELP!!!!

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    Default 1917 Enfield floorplate question....HELP!!!!

    Hello All- I have recently come into possession of a sporterized 1917 Enfield (Eddystone manufacture) that for some unexplained reason is missing the trigger guard & floorplate assembly. it does have the trigger & magazine box, but is missing the whole bottom metal of the rifle. Do I need all the stuff associated with that (springs, clips, etc) or can I just get the floorplate & trigger guard and be done with it? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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    Here is a link to a m1917 schematic:


    Look at it and see what you are missing. You will probably need the follower and magazine spring as well as the floorplate, trigger guard screws and trigger guard assembly (typically includes the floorplate latch, spring and pin).

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    i have a few trigger guard assemblys available
    if it aint broke, fix it till it finally is.

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    You might also need the magazine box. with that. This is a separate piece that gets sandwiched between the receiver and the trigger guard. Be sure you get a .30 box, and not one for the .303. (this goes for the follower, as well).

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    Default Caveat!

    A little sleuthing please. You did not say whether the sporterization retained the original stock; perhaps in a cut down configuration. The original trigger guard piece is of a 'stepped' configuration. IF the stock is a sporting iteration, likely it was made for a straightened trigger guard. In this situation, the original guard will not properly fit.
    The trigger guard may well be missing from your rifle because it did not fit the sporter stock. Important to determine whether you need an original (stepped) guard or a straightened guard. Otherwise you may well end up with a trigger guard of the wrong configuration and relatively useless to your needs. As to the floorplate itself, it should ordinarily fit either original or modified assembly.
    Again, a caveat before your purchase lest you buy the wrong part.
    My take.

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