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    Default WTS: M1 Carbine (Irwin-Pedersen)

    M1 Carbine, Irwin-Pedersen # 32183xx
    Korean War era rebuild
    Classified Curio & Relic

    Caliber .30 Carbine,
    15 Round Magazine

    Headspace Good
    NICE condition.

    LOCATION: FTF in Indianapolis, IN, or Rensselaer, IN areas

    PRICE: $1800 Cash NEGOTIABLE

    Parts breakdown:

    Irwin Pedersen 32183xx

    Front Sight R
    Rear Sight J.A.O.

    Caliber .30 M1

    Slide 7161843
    (these numbers on flat bottom area)
    has "58" hand written in black marker on right side

    Gas Cylinder "P.I." on face area of piston

    Barrel S A 12 - 52
    "P" stamp on top under bayonet holder band
    "M" on top about 1/2" back from piston
    crossed cannons stamp on flat area between
    piston and receiver.
    "Arl Ord Arlington VA" Faintly on bottom

    Front Barrel Band has bayonet lug and "J.M.Q" on left side of band
    "EM-Q" on bottom of bayonet lug

    Bolt "SG" (Saginaw) on end of small left lug
    flat style bolt

    Trigger Housing Inland (inside house shaped box) on back right edge
    Hammer WMB
    Sear no mark seen
    Mag release M (underlined)

    Stock light wood stained dark with "183" written with marker inside
    Hand guard same light wood stained dark with 2 rivets

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