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    Just a reminder that the usual ground rules apply:
    1) Be civil and courteous; watch your language. This is a family Forum, make sure your Language is appropriate for ALL ages.
    2) No buy/sell/trade posts...that's what Slim Tim's Mak Trader is for. No promoting your Makarov Trader post in the Makarov forum!
    3) No posting of current Auctions in Progress.
    4) Stay on topic. Off-topic posts will be deleted without notice. Posts should be limited to subjects concerning Makarov Pistols, other 9x18 Makarov Caliber weapons, and Former Combloc Pistols. Posts on other subjects should be posted in the approate Gunboards forum.
    5) No useless postings just to get your post count up. No baiting or personal attacks. Useless posts and replies will be deleted by the Mods.

    Violations to any of the above can result in; Deleted posts, Infractions issued, and loss of posting abilities.

    Any Questions or Problems, contact one of the Moderators -

    SlimTim, TENNESSEAN, North Bender

    Thanks and Enjoy !
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    6) No Whining!
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