WTS H & R Trapdoor Carbine sold
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Thread: WTS H & R Trapdoor Carbine sold

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    Default WTS H & R Trapdoor Carbine sold

    I have a H & R Trapdoor Carbine in excellent 90-95% condition for sale I picked up in trade for sme gunsmithing work..

    Has an H & R “Officers Model” Trapdoor Springfield stock and a 22” carbine barrel/assy.

    Nice factory engraving (etching) thru out all metal parts/assy's.

    Bore is “As New” shot cast bullets only. Wood and metal finish approx 90-95% with no major scratches, dings, cracks, or damage. Cleaning rod appears newly made to fit barrel length

    Lock tuned and breaks at 2.75 lbs.


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