Want to put a scope on my T99 Arisaka
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Thread: Want to put a scope on my T99 Arisaka

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    Default Want to put a scope on my T99 Arisaka

    I have a type 99 Arisaka, brought back from WW2 by my grandfather. It is a part of my rifle collection, and I shoot it occasionally, but my vision is such that using the iron sights that are original to the rifle is next to impossible for me. In fact, it sucks. I can't see the target, even at 25 yards, well enough to enjoy shooting the rifle. So, I want to add a scope mount to the rifle. I would PREFER not to drill into the stock, the receiver, the barrel, etc. This rifle is part of my collection, and since it is the only thing I have that was my grandfather's, I want to keep it in good condition.

    1. Is there a way to take off the ladder-type rear sight, and use the same screw holes to install a scope mount?
    2. Are there any other ways to install a scope without adding new drill holes?
    3. Is anyone familiar with this product:

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    Option number 3 is your only choice for not permanently altering the rifle; which we would encourage you not to do. I have no experience with one, but it should work.

    Another option is just to buy an Arisaka that someone has already scoped, it may not cost much more in the long run.

    Welcome to the boards, but please don't drill and tap your Grandfathers's bring back Arisaka.
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    "Insta Mounts
    For Instant Scope Mounting of Ex-Military Firearms
    No Drilling or Tapping Required
    Japanese Arisaka Scout (S&K Style)"


    I put a S&K on a Yugo Mauser and am completely happy with it.

    No permanent change to the rifle; save your rear sight and pin.

    Below you see it on an Arisaka (photo from www.scopemounts.com)

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails JapArasakaScout.JPG  

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    Use the method of clipping it to the rear sight milsurper showed you.

    I just sold a mint, all matching 1896 Swedish Mauser to a local yahoo, and I new it was a mistake. Found out yesterday he bubba-ed the hell out of it, along with he couple of non-russian capture Kar98ks he bought before it. I could have just come over the counter at him.

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    Do you have any capture history on the rifle, other than the fact that your grandfather brought it back? We have a lot of history buffs here (myself included) who like hearing about things like this.


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    I am very happy with the S&K mounts on my Turk Mauser and Swede 96.
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    Default Another option!

    bowmore.scotch,another alternative scope mount which I use on my type 99 shooter is a
    scope mount made by "B-square" corp.It comes with 1" rings and is attached to the rifle
    by drifting out the steel pin which holds the rear sight ladder assembly.You then attach
    the B-Square mount in it`s place using the pin supplied with the mount.While there is no
    adjustment for windage with this mount(use the scope adjustment as required) there are
    two adjustment screws for vertical zeroing,and these screws have allen locking screws
    which are tightend once zero is established.Comes with all three allen wrenches as
    required.NO holes to drill,put the original rear sight and pin in gun safe for safekeeping.
    I use a Nikkon pistol scope with extended eye relief on this mount.

    P.S.I used a drill bit (Shank end toward dowel pin) to drift out the original roll pin.Also,use
    a brass hammer for this work, or a brass rod to seat the new roll pin.


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