problem with Wild West trigger replacement in Marlin 1894
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Thread: problem with Wild West trigger replacement in Marlin 1894

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    Default problem with Wild West trigger replacement in Marlin 1894

    Title states the issue, here is a slightly edited copy of the email I sent to Wild West a couple of days ago.
    So far I have heard nothing back from them.

    “I recently installed a Wild West Guns Trigger Happy kit on my Marlin 1894c in .357 Mag/.38 Special. Now it has a problem with the timing of the lifter (being in the way of the bolt) on the up stroke working the lever (when the bolt is moving forward). It appears the factory hammer extension is rubbing (pushing up) the bolt as the bolt is moving forward, then the lifter does not drop out of the way, blocking the bolt's forward motion and binding the action. As you know the hammer and the extension slides under the bolt as it travels forward into lockup.

    When I remove the hammer extension the problem goes away. Likewise when I hold the hammer down so it does not touch the bolt while working the lever the action does not bind.

    I did not have this problem with the factory trigger installed.
    Have had the hammer extension in place for quite some time and have shot many rounds with it. When I swap the factory trigger back in the problem also goes away.

    I am wondered if you had encountered this problem before and if you have a fix for it. I would rather continue to use the hammer extension since my Marlin is scoped.”

    Before I send it back for a refund, anyone have any experience with these? This replacement trigger can be used in common to several models of Marlin lever guns. Most all reviews are positive however I have read a couple where the user said the trigger was wider than the factory version and had to be stoned or filed to fit. Mine fits and functions OK sans the hammer extension but it is slightly wider than the factory trigger. I'm wanting to avoid ruining the part with an alteration that does not fix the issue. Not sure if trigger width would have anything to do with the problem.

    Any suggestions or insights would be welcomed.

    Update: upon further review it appears the hammer must be getting pushed up too much from below as the lever is pushed forward. That in turn pushes on the bolt up too much as it is riding forward which increases the drag on the hammer and hammer extension. The bottom of the bolt is not smooth - it is designed with a notch cutout followed by a tab protrusion before the bottom surface smooths out to flat again. When the action operates normally the bolt rides over the hammer thru the cutout area then over the tab on to the smooth area, then off the hammer completely and into lockup. When the action binds the hammer binds against that tab stopping its motion forward. I believe now that the lifter not dropping out of the way is an effect - not the cause of the problem, contra to what I speculated in my email to Wild West Guns above.
    Doesn't solve the problem but I understand it a little better now.

    Update2: Sent it back for a refund. The new trigger holds the hammer higher when cocked which binds the bolt travel moving over the hammer, jamming the action. Didn't want to dink with it further. Getting a reduced weight Wolff spring to lighten the trigger pull that way.
    Still have not heard from Wild West Guns.

    Thanks db2044 for your comments.
    Thanks all for looking.

    Update3 and final: Installed reduced weight Wolff spring which did lighten the trigger pull noticeably , and for much less money. Was a bit concerned it would cause light primer strikes and misfires but in shooting my .357 reloads with small rifle CCI primers had zero problems. So made a decent improvement for the money, would have liked to get rid of the floppy trigger too - but can be satisfied as is.
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    Wild West Guns Rifle Trigger Marlin 336, 444, 1894, 1895 Blue
    Product #: 259762

    No difficulty with this product in my Marlin, although I did a bit of polishing during the easy install. Turned out to be a very pleasing 3lb smooth and crisp trigger.
    I believe the instructions that came with it did state some modification and fitting may be required. A little stoning and Dremel may be necessary to polish up all the moving/mating parts.

    Marlin Carrier Assembly Marlin 1894C, 1894CB 357 Magnum
    Product #: 727646

    Absolute must have part! The original carrier was a long known and long standing defect that took years until they finally admitted and corrected the problem.
    Jams with .357, half way out of the feed tube made the rifle a major disappointment and no way to clear them without dropping out the lever and sometimes entire carrier assembly on the range bench. The "new style" carrier completely cured the problem.

    After the trigger and carrier, the Marlin turned out to be one of our favorite rifles.Very pleasing to shoot and extremely good accuracy out to 200m with .357.
    I had a 4x scope and rail laying around idle that quickly mounted to the pre-drilled holes on the receiver where it found a permanent home. Just enough to see and group out to 200.
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