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    I purchased a kakhi bandoleer with 5 rounds of ammo on brass stripper clips . The ammo is headstamped u.s.c. co. on the north rim and 18 on the south rim with a star on the east and west rims . Is this a WW I bandoleer and ammo ? Also some of the ammo is corroded , should I throw the corroded ammo away or clean it up to keep the bandoleer and ammo intact . I do not intend to fire the ammo . Thanks for any opinions

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    Yes, that is WWI era ammo.
    It is the powder in these cases breaking down that is causing the corrosion.
    The case necks are likely already age cracked.
    So, pull the bullets, dump the powder, then clean the cases the best you can using bronze wool.
    The bronze wool will not remove the natural aging of the brass.
    Or, you can place the cases and bullets into a case cleaner, and polish them up.
    Either way, reseat the bullets on either an empty case, or full the case with clean dry sand.
    The bandoleer is collectable, and so are the cartridges and stripper clips.
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    Thanks for your imput . How would you pull the bullets ?

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    If the necks are already cracked, you could likely pull them with your fingers.
    If not, you will need either a hammer type bullet puller, or a collet type puller you use with your reloading press.

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