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New Gunboards support function links

Moderators please place this release on your forum and let the membership know that we have placed some new features to them that will allow if you become a supporter to have enhanced features within the system as an incentive.

The Bronze level will give the member 1 GB of attachment storage
Double Private Message Limit (150)

The Silver bullet level will increase your PM space to 4 GB of attachment storage as well as give them 4x the Private Message Limit to (300)
It also has an important feature of No Advertisements (Except for our community sponsors).

The Gold level will increase your upload to a massive 20 GB of attachment storage for heavy users and a Private Message Limit of (600) and
No Advertisements (Except for community sponsors)

Wont you as a member become part of the team with us to ensure that continues to thrive and remain the place on the net for your collecting needs and answers.

Upgrade levels are electronically payable for convienece:

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