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Thread: Mod.71 rifles by Mauser for Württemberg - Jon Speed Research

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    Default Mod.71 rifles by Mauser for Württemberg - Jon Speed Research

    While this is not one of Jon Speed's projects with John Wall, it might find more appeal, or rather a wider audience, than on the 98k-forum, so I will share Jon Speed's documents here as well.

    Jon Speed's outline follow:

    Paul, For your Imperial site here is the Contract For 71 rifles by Mauser for Württemberg. Contracts were first written by hand and signed by all parties, then Type written copies were made up and later signed as the final version. Back on the Turkish Mauser Contract, the Contract was made up in French which was the official language for such things in 1887 etc. Also Mauser was Not in position to go into production so the First 71 Rifles were made by Spandau. Jon

    1. First Page of Contract shows the total number of rifles.
    2. Signature page at Bottom both parties also shows Jager rifles and Carbines
    3. Close up shows 5400 Jager models and 4000 Carbines
    4. Actual hand Written signature section with stamps and signatures of all concerned.
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    Default First Mod. 71 Rifle made by Spandau in 1872

    Paul, 3 pics to show the First 71 Rifle ever made by Spandau in 1872 . This is what we call a Muster example SN 6. This rifle image was used in the Well known Korn Mauser Patent book from 1908 and kept in Mauser firm Reference collection. Add this to my previous e mail data. Thank you. Regards, jon

    1. Spandau 1872 model 71 rifle muster example SN 6
    2. Close up of date and faint Spandau Eagle on 1872 rifle
    3. Close up Later Production Spandau made in 1876 with SN 3869 retaining original 1872 date and Spandau Eagle
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    Default Early days of the Mauser Brothers and the M1871

    Paul, more of the story of the early days of the Mauser Brothers. Before the Mauser Brothers got into full time Model 71 rifle production in late 1875, they had been providing Rear Sight units to Spandau, Amberg and other makers of the 71 rifle. The brothers only got their 1,000,000 Mark Württemberg bank loan to be able to handle the contract for Württemberg army on May 10, 1874, so it took them almost a year to get into full time Rifle production. Before the loan, starting in 1872, Mauser provided Model 71 rear sight units. Now you have the whole story on how the Model 71 came on line. Regards, Jon

    1. First page of Hand written Mauser / Spandau contract in 1872 for Mauser to provide Spandau with between 2700-3000 Rear sight units.
    2.Top half of contract also shows all the costs for this Duplicate Original with signatures stamps and seals etc.
    3.Close up shows Spandau Stamp Seal and Stamp
    4.Bottom of contract shows the 2700-3000 rear sight numbers
    5.Signature page signed by Spandau folks and W&P Mauser actually written by Wilhelm and with his wax seal as Paul was busy in Oberndorf.
    6. Close up of Wilhelm = W M Mauser wax seal.
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    Pretty cool! I need to research my IG71!
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    Another place to find information:

    Several collectors have been contributing rifle reports and i have been recording them in an easily accessible chart. Eventually there will be a bibliography and descriptions of each variation. If it continues to develop it might become a good resource.

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    Well, and finally here English translations of the German documents posted above.

    Click image for larger version. 

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