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    The subject is Browning's FN semi-automatic rifle model 1900 - the weapon being almost identical to the Remington model 8 series.

    Some of these rifles have been used by the French airforce "AVIATION MILITAIRE" in WW1.

    At first, I was happy having found 2 stripper clips for the Remington model 8 in cal. .35.

    Then, I recognized that they don't fit my FN Browning model 1900, although being chambered for the same ammunition.

    FN clips are a tiny bit smaller than the Remington ones. Furthermore, their section is slightly different having rectangular inner flanges.

    So, does anybody know where to get such an FN stripper clip?


    Thanks to a kind US expert I learnt that Remington clips do fit the FN carbines.

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    Argentine/Belgian Stripper clips

    Try the 7.65 mauser clips, the early ones that are flat....

    "If those sweethearts won't face German bullets, Then they'll face French ones!"

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