Is this JC Higgins rifle C& R aged?
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Thread: Is this JC Higgins rifle C& R aged?

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    Question Is this JC Higgins rifle C& R aged?

    I am going to be selling it and I want to make sure I know the right license to sell it to. It is a Sears JC Higgins patent # 2552429 and with a number "583.85" beneath it. That's on the barrel to the left and just ahead of the rear sight.

    Besides a mark that it's .22 LR only I don't see any other marks.

    It's a tube loading .22. I figure it MUST be before 1968, but how long before?

    I can get actual pics if it would help. It looks very similar to the following one on gunbroker:

    Note, that is NOT the actual firearm. I am just using that guy as a convenient example. I chopped the stock for my wife and it has no scope and his auction ended months ago. But the pictures look really close.

    Also, does anyone know what it is under the JC Higgins skin and perhaps even where to get things like an exploded diagram or a manual or disassembly instructions for a related model?

    Thank you for your time.
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    I believe that the rifle shown in the GB ad was made by High Standard for JC Higgins and only sold by Sears. Go to Borders or Barnes and Noble and look at one of the big books of exploded drawings that they have in their "Sports" sections (Can't remember the titles, but you can't miss 'em--thick softcover books). Look under both J.C Higgins and High Standard .22s; you'll find it. They were quite popular and well made. Not sure if they stopped making them by 1958; probably not.

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    Numrich has a cross reference chart where you can find who made it.

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    Saw this gun in Barnes and Noble today in the Gun Digest Book of Firearm Drawings (or some such title). They are the JC Higgins Models 28, 29, 30, or 31. All basically similar tube-feed autoloader .22s made by High Standard. Not sure which yours is but the Numrich guide will probably pinpoint that, as previous poster says. Book didn't say when they were made. The NRA Book of Firearms Assembly doesn't have this model but does have the JC Higgins model 33, which is a contemporary slide action .22 also made by High Standard. They say it was introduced in 1955 and I think the two lines of rifle, pump and semi-auto, were offered in the same time frame. So your Sears auto .22 may or may not be C&R. When in doubt, ship only to an FFL.

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