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Thread: Mini-14 Harmonic Stabilizer

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    Default Mini-14 Harmonic Stabilizer

    Anyone have a harmonic stabilizer installed on their Mini-14? Curious about results. Thanks.

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    I'm always suspicious of anything that relies on Testimonials from satisfied users as their sales gimmick.

    I have an older series 180 Mini-14 that shoots just fine in its' original configuration. I replaced the wooden handguard with a plastic one, but am considering returning to the wood.

    It seems that Ruger adhered to the principle of "If it's not broke, fix on it until it is". The earlier model Minis were vastly superior to the newer "improved" versions with regard to accuracy. I bought a new sexier-looking stainless Ranch Rifle a few years back & it was all show & no go compared to the older one. I was disappointed to the point of finally selling it a few years later.

    For the money you pay, it should perform to your expectations & I have a hard time throwing more money at a poor-performing rifle just to bring it up to par.

    The Mini fills it's purpose as a field gun or plinker. If you're looking for a bench gun, look into an AR. It has more configuration options & more real parts that aren't just dedicated to working out the 'outta-the-box' flaws.

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