The Fagnus (often called Maquaire) were very popular in Europe in the late 19th century, where they were often refered to as "state of the art" revolvers until smokeless powder was widely available.

They became a true ordnance weapon when the Danish adopted them in 1880.

They were usually built either in Belgium (liège) or France (St Etienne) and enjoyed a great success on the civilian market, as well as among reserve officers from many countries.
They were made in .380, 11mm73 and .450 cal.

Here I have one of them, but a strange one as it was apprently built in Germany (?), the only markings present on the weapon being several crowned Us, which would indicate a German test-proofing after 1891.

The revolver is in excellent+ conditon, hasn't been re-polished, has its original blueing at 95% and seems almost new. The quality of the workmanship is outstanding.

There are several differences with the standard Belgian & French Fagnus models. For example, one can see that the shape of the hammer is different and the front sight is higher than usual...

here's a regular Fagnus:

here's mine:

If someone could help me ID which maker in Germany could have built this gun, I'd be very grateful!