My Vetterli Vitali Terni 1889
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Thread: My Vetterli Vitali Terni 1889

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    Default My Vetterli Vitali Terni 1889

    Bought this Vetterli Vitali for $170 shipped on the boards this September. Stock is matching to receiver, stock looks unsanded cartouche is very sharp and finish wood finish looks original and almost %100 stock is in excellent condition with very few scratches and no gouges. Steel finish looks original and barrel finish is %90 and has a beautiful blue colored bluing but has light rust spots that can be rubbed off and receiver finish is %50. Barrel is in good condition. there is a lot of old dirt and rust spots though, looks like rifle was taken of the factory and put in a closet where it was for 120 years. Just having trouble opening the bolt any suggestions? First 6 pictures are dealers photos and other pictures are my photos along with my rifles that I was orgainizing
    How many Vetterli Vitali rifles were made and how rare are they

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    A *very* enviable acquisition for a truly god price - my compliments!


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