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    Default Romanian VZ24 sniper

    I have a rough non-matching VZ-24 sniper with a counterbored barrel that has only the bases on it I and I was wondering what they were worth these days. Have an idea and was wondering if anyone had seen one in recent years. Any info would be appreciated! It is BRNO marked but I understood these to have come out of Romania through, it is CAI marked. Bill
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    I have had a couple of these, both sold in $350 to $400 range. And were pretty rough as were all I have ever seen. You might get a premium with excellent bore condition, IMO. Good luck,

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    What does the CAI marking mean ??

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    Romania, the land of rough Mauser bores. Regular VZ24s in good to very good shape are going for $250-350 these days, so I'd suspect an "ex-sniper" would bring at least a 30% premium, but certainly dependent on bore condition.

    I've never run into one in person, but for future reference, is it known what type of scope they used on these VZ24s?

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    vz.24s were Czech made Mauser designs (basically a Czech k98 variant) in 8mm. They were produced under Brno contract to Romania during German occupation in wartime during and after 1938 and used by the Romanian forces on the Eastern front against the USSR (that plan didn't end well!).

    The Romanian contract ones have an R in the serial number. The snipers are moderately rare even with no base or mounts.

    I have one of the Romanian contract vz.24 snipers with replica mounts that I have written on with pictures. I have a period scope of German origin but not one of the Czech originals as my replica mount rings are 1 inch, so I shoot it with a vintage Weaver 4X scope. I paid $428 for mine without a scope a few years back in great shape with base and integral ring mounts, less than a replica PU.

    The big problem with the snipers that turn up is there seem to be no bases or mounts for them. That is a shame as they are great rifles and a lot cheaper than a similar German hi-mount sniper rifle.

    I found mine by luck after seeing the hi-mount German sniper rifle used in the movie "Fury" by the camo SS sniper and realizing this came as close to a K98 sniper as I was likely to get at any believable price.

    Many of the recent vz.24s I have seen have been in rather ragged shape, but decent snipers missing mounts are still around and a plain one makes a great addition to any Great Patriotic War collection. Accuracy of mine has been in the 2-3 MOA range at 100 yards with older 8mm ammo, but I haven't worked on it like I have my Mosin snipers. With match ammo it should do better. The hi-mount base and mounts let me "creep" the scope to shoot right hand, left eye as I must do because my right eye was injured, as does a PU or PEM. I use extra-high mounts on my hunting rifles to do the same.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	My vz24 1.jpg 
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ID:	1907489Click image for larger version. 

Name:	my vz24 2.jpg 
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    Pictures have surfaced (thanks to GB members) of the vz.24 snipers being used in WWII combat.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	vz-24 sniper WWII 2.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	vz-24 sniper WWII 1.jpg 
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    Stalin you have a better higher resolution of the last picture?? is that just plain vz-24's or is there a sniper in there??

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    Hi Vaughn ,
    If I recall correctly the 2nd pics has NO Sniper Rifle in it . Wolfgang is the Owner of the VZ24 Sniper photo . I believe these 2 Pics were sold as a set .

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    New VZ24 repro mounts going to be made ?? A few months ago a guy was talking about making some ?
    What happened ?. I have one with a matching bolt and a great bore !!

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    I have one IOR scope for VZ24 sniper for sale .

    Scope without mount , found in Romania .

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    Mine came from the same place as Bill's , but I got mine from Kevin himself. I got the rings and scope on Ebay 5 years ago. Mine was bore and a great shooter.It came with a straight bolt handle . I have been using a k98k bolt in it . Anyone got a proper VZ curved bolt for sale ?

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    I have both models and one complete with matching original mount. The other is a claw/turret type bases and for the life of me cant find anything that looks familiar. You guys want to see one and guess away with me on what the mount would look like?
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