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    Question Current Russian Military PM Value

    What's the current value of a matching early 1960s Russian Military PM in very good condition, with import marks, serial number on safety, and two matching mags?

    I am new to PMs and trying to get a Russian Military version, however I see asking prices vary a lot. Please provide some guidance. Thank you very much!

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    No disrespect intended, but if you're new to PMs, who decided it was in very good condition? What factors were considered? Finish loss, of course. Barrel finish w/slide back? Grip condition, i.e. correct star? Guts? Feed ramp? Rifling?
    A picture would give a better idea.
    From the era of those pistols, if I liked it, I would consider an upper limit of $1000 ($800 in general) and do every thing I could think of to bargain the price down. If, I really wanted the pistol. 1960 w/matching mags a plus.YMMV.
    But then as luck would have it, the Trump administration may allow them (Russian PMs) into the country in the future, lowering their value.

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