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    Do you have an interest in POSP scopes? Do you like the way they look, or just want an authentic optic for your avtomat? Maybe your favorite POSP scope is no longer in stock at Kalinka and you dont want to overpay anyway?

    I'm interested in seeing what types of POSP scopes are the ones you want.
    In this group buy, I would like to know what specific scope or scopes you want so I can add to the list. This is a great chance to get Exactly what you want.

    Guaranteed it will be less expensive than the big retailers.
    Prices will range from $250-$350 depnding on your model of choice, but most standard models will be $280.

    This is maybe over a month long process as it will take a while to get people on board and the scopes need to be imported. I do not expect pre payment, but in order to get things rolling, pre paying will help make things go faster. I need at least 30 items to order to make buying worth it. If you plan to buy more than one optic, you particularly benefit.
    Once I have enough buyers on board and enough capital, I will post updates and eta's.
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    To ensure order accuracy and buyer satisfaction, please visit Eastwave or Kalinka to browse the line of POSP scopes, then reply to this post or P.M me with the item you wish to purchase as well as (optional-for clarity) what mounting method you will use and the style reticle you prefer.
    I.E: Weaver mount and Mil-dot reticle.
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    I for one would be interested in an authentic POSP scope for my PRK. I will PM with details of what I'd be interested in. I hope enough people can get behind this to make it happen.
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    Still taking orders

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    I would take one. I had one years ago and it was one of my favorite scopes.

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    POSP quality is rubbish. They were good scopes for $150 but for $250 no way.

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    Interested in a POSP 8x42. Are you still taking orders?

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