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    wink2 WTS: A lot of items

    1. Trade: My inventory of primers indicates I am over on Large Pistol and Small Pistol primers and short on Large Rifle and Small Rifle primers. Brick for Brick trade Pistol for Rifle primers .

    2. M14 E2 stock with extra butt pad assembly, GI issue stock and after market butt plate assembly in 96% condition. No fwd hand grip or hand guards...just the stock with pistol grip: $250 plus shipping.

    3. No.1MKIII Enfield rifle magazine, British issue, used Excellent (plus)..to new condition: $60 plus shipping

    4. Hornady 308 New Dimension Die Set, used by me till I went to Bench Rest dies and 1000 yd shooting. Outstanding condition: $30 shipped

    5. THIS ITEM IS SOLD: 30 carbine Lee die set..the old style you use plastic faced hammer and "whack" to use. New condition: $20 plus shipping

    6. M4 "quad rail", 95% condition , used but short time and is one of those drop in rails for standard M4 . $15 shipped.

    7. Standard M4 butt stocks, new to 99% and $15 shipped. I went to Magpul CTR and don't need them.

    8. M1 Carbine or M1 Rifle two pocket mag pouch, belt loops, new condition, original GI Issue. Tweedie MFG, Lift dot fastener on flap...flap reads M1 Carbine or M1 RIfle use. $15 plus shipping. I have two of these and I think both are 1956 date stamped

    9. H&K 416 butt stock: used VG condition. $125 plus postage Don't see them often and well...snooze ya lose if you want one and don't grab it.

    Email me if interested, I won't be looking for PM's or posts to this add. Email me and I will respond pronto. First to obligate for item gets it.
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    I have sent 3 emails and not had a response. Concerned they have not made it to you.


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    Email through the site doesn't work well; another thing screwed up by the current dumb azzes running this site. milprileb; please post your email address so folks can copy it and email from their own email system.

    NOTE TO ALL: Don't Trust Your emails or PMs to be transmitted here!
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