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    This is for my Texas gun enthusiasts.

    I am a teacher in Texas and am asking that you please call your rep and senator and ask them to support HB 1692. In short Texas teachers are forbidden to carry their firearms in their vehicles by their districts. It's within the law to carry, but you could be in violation of district policy which could lead to your termination.

    HB 1692 looks to change that.

    Under Texas law a license to carry holder is allowed to park their vehicle on school parking lots and be within the law. Texas also has protections for employees who keep their firearms in their vehicle at work. However when Texas passed the "parking lot law" (as it is called) they exempted schools from the requirement. This bill will make it a legal requirement that schools allow license to carry holders to store their firearms in their vehicles.

    My rep is the one who filed the bill on my behalf. I am a teacher who is regularly at the school until 9pm or later several nights a week, there well after our district police force goes home. I am 100% unprotected when I leave. I asked my rep to file this law and he has done so. Now I'm doing some leg work to ask that the citizens of Texas extend the same rights to teachers that they enjoy under the parking lot law.

    Please note this is not a bill to allow me to carry in the classroom, only in my vehicle.

    If you are so inclined, please call your representative and senator and ask them to support this bill.

    Thank you!

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    Clearly all us teachers ....have had this issue ...
    We can have unloaded locked in box, ammo away from driver in parking lot....
    but not tested could bring much stress!

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