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    Default How to move text here

    got it
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    Drag the text, copy, paste?

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    Copy & Paste does not work here for some folks. It works on my office computer, but not my home computer.
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    Like most things, it depends on your browser, your system (Windows/Mac/Linux)

    Some sites don't allow you to copy and paste (highlight the words - usually by right click, drag then right click, copy - right click paste OR highlight the words and ctrl c (copy) then ctrl v (paste)

    of course if drag and drop, copy and paste puzzle the hell out of you - google - how to copy and paste

    do some computer learning on the basics and it makes things easier. when I teach A+ - I ask some basic questions, as I want to know, what system do you use, do you know how to copy and past or cut and paste, etc

    GOOGLE is your friend for info
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