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    Went hunting this morning with the Martini Henry 303 sporter that I have been building. I got the stock finish on and the engraving done just in time to sight it in last week. I climbed the mountains up to about 9,000 ft. I didn't see anything in the drainage where I thought the deer might be. On the way back down, I jumped a small fork horn out of his bed in the Mountain Mahoganys. I miss the first shot, yanked it. Then I calmed down and connected on the second one, he was still on his feet, so I put him down with a third shot to the neck. Range finder said it was 200 yards. Had to drag him several hundred yards to where I could get to him with my truck. This is the first time I have taken any game with the 303 ctg. It did a heck of a job on him. He is skinned and quartered and in the cooler for a few days of ageing. Now that the deer hunting is over for me, a friend is going to rust blue and checker the rifle for me. Still hunting at a bit over 64 and counting! Now on to the elk hunting!

    best regards, John

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    Way to go John, Dead animal picture are always welcomed as well as pretty rifle pictures

    Post them up!

    "And don't forget. That isn't your Martini you have. It belonged to others before you and will belong to others after you are gone. Look after it, and pass it on with pride. It deserves it." Malcolm Cobb, The Martini Henry Note-book
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    I've done all that with a .303 Martini built by myself, although a lot less feet came into it, and the experience is hard to beat. I'm sceptical of any more modern round being better for deer in medium-range country. It confirms that we have a lot more rifle cartridges than we need, and a lot of people will surely end up with rifles for which ammunition is unavailable.

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