Great deal on soviet makarov holsters
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Thread: Great deal on soviet makarov holsters

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    I recently ordered a Bulgarian PM holster from a familiar name on the WTS/WTT forum, Bob in St. Louis. I got it today. Unfortunately for me it was not Bulgarian. I'm keeping it anyway because it was so nice. It is a new condition 1988 dated Soviet Russian Makarov holster. It cost me $10.00 shipped. You really can't beat the cost. So, if anyone out there is searching for a nice usable, collectible Russian holster Bob in St. Louis may be a good source. Cheers, ABTOMAT

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    I 2nd this. Had the pleasure of meeting up with Bob a while back(I, too, live in St.Louis). Purchased 4 Mak holsters and he even threw in a 5th for coming to him. Nice guy and the holsters are NOS excellent condition. Btw, he also has CZ-82 holsters if anyone's interested.

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